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Connect with one of the fastest-growing traders of Garlic Powder, Black Chickpeas, Ginger Flakes, Red Onion Powder, etc.
Since 2022, we, Shri Sham Ji Trading, have been fulfilling the requirements of our esteemed customers for various Agricultural Grains and Spices, such as Black Chickpeas, Garlic Powder, Ginger Flakes, Pink Onion Flakes, Red Onion Powder, and many more. As a growing trader, our primary goal is to establish a trustworthy reputation in the market for our organization. For this purpose, we take all measures to guarantee top quality in the product range.

We source our entire product line from reliable manufacturers, and keep an unwavering focus on the quality of our range. While sourcing products, we make sure to prioritize sustainability and ethical practices in every aspect of our supply chain. We also strive to foster economic growth along with maintaining social well-being by connecting with the right manufacturers who follow fair trade principles and promote environmentally friendly farming methods.

Packaging and Delivery

We consider packaging and delivery as integral to our business. They are crucial for maintaining seamless flow of agro products and commodities from their source to our customers doorsteps. Hence, we give meticulous attention to every detail during the packaging, as it helps in preserving the quality of our products. The packing for wholesale orders is done to meet the unique requirements of every customer and also to keep product freshness, and protect products from external factors.

When it comes to delivery, timeliness, and reliability are the two most important factors we focus on. We have partnered with trusted shipping companies that allows us to ensure swift and efficient transportation of the packed products to the clients destination.

Trustworthy Vendors

In order to meet the evolving customer preferences and their growing demands, we strive to continuously expand our product range of Black Chickpeas, Garlic Powder, Ginger Flakes, Pink Onion Flakes, Red Onion Powder, etc. Recognizing the limitations of partnering with a single vendor, we implement a stringent selection process to collaborate with many trustworthy vendors, ensuring that we source the finest products from the market. We conduct a rigorous vendor selection process, which is summarized below:

  • We assess the capacity of vendors to adapt to evolving market demands.
  • We analyze their quality standards.
  • We evaluate their market standing and financial robustness.
  • We study their capacity to meet immediate and bulk demands, etc.
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